Saturday, November 5, 2011

Body Weight Pistol Squats, Power Squats, and Core Work

Seeing how today is Saturday, a short intense workout seems in order. Notice I didn't say easy. I know you have better things to do today so let's get right to it.

Start off with a warm-up. As you know, I prefer joint rotations before anything else.

Start with the neck, look up and down ten times, then side to side, then circles if you like.

Now work rotate the arms at the shoulder, then at the elbow, and finally the wrists and fingers.
Now move down to hip rotations, leg swings to the front and side, and then extension and flexion of the leg at the knee.
 Finish by rotating the ankles in both directions and get ready for a warm-up.


For this workout, start with partial squats with arm swings. As you squat about halfway to parallel, swing the arms back and let them swing forward as you stand up. x25


Power Squats: Place your hands at your shoulders as though you are holding an imaginary bar. Keep them there throughout the set. Use a slightly wider stance than normal for this squat, and a fast cadence. In other words, drop down fast, pause to eliminate inertia and drive up fast. 4-5 x10, 20, or 30.

*If you need to increase the difficulty, do Box Squats with this wide stance. See an example here:

Pistol Squats or Modified One-Legged Squats: 3x5 or 5x3 (unless you can do more.)

If you can do an unassisted pistol squat, hats off to you. Performing this movement is a matter of balance, timing and strength and takes some practice. For those who are still working up to a full pistol, try these modifications:

-Hold onto something. Preferable a set of rings, a TRX suspension trainer, or a countertop. Emphasize control as you lower yourself, contracting the abdominals forcefully to maintain balance.

-Only go as far as you can. For some, a partial pistol will be an accomplishment. That's fine, go as low as you can, ( at least half the distance,) hold it for 3 seconds and stand up.

-Put the extended leg on a stool, chair or the edge of a bathtub. Now execute the pistol as low as you can go.

Sliding Rollouts or Elephant Walk:

If you are an advanced trainee and have a suspension trainer, you can do these at different heights and the instability adds a challenge.Otherwise use a towel or a sock on either hand.

Stand on a slippery surface such as smooth wooden floors, tile, or a finished garage floor.

Bend straight down, place your hands on the floor and slide out until the body is straight and your arms are extended in front of you; like Superman.

Now reverse the motion. Got it? Excellent. Do 3 sets x 6-12 (or whatever number you find challenging. For added resistance wear a weighted vest of backpack.)

If these are too difficult or you don't have a slippery surface. Perform the Elephant walk, which I describe at the end of this post:

Use the same set and repetition instructions. Don't stop until your arms are shaking and your abs are burning!

This concludes today's workout. Hope you enjoyed it. Now go take a shower.

a TRX suspension trainer

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