Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pushup Variations, Planks and More!

By the end of this you might just have a pump in your chest, shoulders and triceps; not to mention your abdomen should be burning!

Do as many rounds as possible without stopping in between. For when you need to rest, keep it down to about 30 seconds. This isn't for speed, just keep moving. Beginners go for 2-3 rounds, intermediate and advanced aim for 4-6+

Warm-up: Joint rotations light walk, jog or jumprope. Get those shoulders warm for this one!

Rocking Pushups: x5-10

Start in a regular pushup position, rock forward and straight back, extending and flexing the ankles to get the right distance.

Immediately go into:

Downward Dog: x 5 seconds

Then go directly into:

Hindu Pushups (Divebombers if you can) x5-10

Drop directly into:

Inching Planks: x 10 seconds 

Start in a plank on the elbows with palms flat in front of you. 'Inch' them farther and farther out until you have reached your maximum extension. Hold there.

Roll over to:

Hip Bridge (Neck Bridge if you can) 3-5 x 5 seconds 

Bridge the body off the floor, leaving hands on the ground for support. If possible, bridge all the way up on the head. Use a padded surface!

Finish with:

Shoulder Stand Pushups: x 5-10

From the downward dog position, walk your feet towards your hands until you can lower your head through your hands and pushup. You will have the right position when the shoulders take most of the strain. Adjust your feet back to make it easier.

As with all routines, this is my personal, non-professional program. I performed this two days in a row and it was a solid routine. Scale the rounds and repetitions to your individual skill level. Push yourself but know your limits. Have fun!

Exercise pictures:

Hindu Pushups:


Neck Bridge: (from

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