Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bodyweight Workout Routine: Whole Body Conditioning

This bodyweight workout is intended to get your metabolism pumping, your heart rate up and multiple muscle groups activated. Warm-up thoroughly with a slow and easy version of the intervals here, or do joint rotations and sun salutations for a few minutes.

For instruction on these warm-ups, click here:

Follow these general guidelines based on your individual fitness level:

-Beginners (little or no regular exercise, otherwise healthy.) 2 rounds, resting longer between exercises if necessary.

-Intermediate (some regular exercise, regular exposure to strenuous exercise.) 3 rounds minimum, rest longer between intervals if necessary, don't stop between exercises.

-Advanced (regular exercise routine. Comfortable with high intensity.) Up to 5 rounds, all-out intensity; bonus exercises when available.

Perform the following without stopping (lower reps generally for beginner level.)

-Swinging Arms Bodyweight Squats: (Swing arms back behind you as you squat down, swing them up explosively as you squat up. ) 12-20 reps

-Burpees (jumping) Drop to pushup position, execute pushup, shoot up to squat, perform jump squat, repeat. 6-10 reps.

-Elephant Walk: Stand with feet inside shoulder width, hands on floor, arms extended. Walk hands out as far as possible. Goal is to end up in 'Superman' position. 6-10 reps.

Beginners can stop with these three exercises. Intermediate and advanced, add a fourth and fifth exercise immediately following the Elephant Walk, from fully extended position, go to:

-Elbow Plank: Start in center, 10 seconds, switch to left, 10 seconds, switch to right, 10 seconds. Then,

-Elbow Crawl 10-20 seconds forward, 10-20 seconds backward.(Keep butt down. In this version, using only your upper body to pull yourself forward, legs dragging behind.)

If you can not get into full Superman position in the Elephant Walk, go as far as possible. Alternatively you can use a Power Wheel, like the SKLZ from Dick's Sporting Goods (try the 50% off Shop here) for a smoother version of this exercise (but not easier. You can ) Need to know how to do any of these exercises? See the references below:


Elephant Walk

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