Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pushup Variations and Partial Sit-Ups

The simple pushup and situp can be tweaked in so many ways it is ridiculous. But don't discount their effectiveness! Here is today's bodyweight workout, using only three simple exercises: The pushup, the sit-up and and the lunge. Of course, it isn't quite that simple! Read on, then get moving.


If you haven't done so, do joint rotations and some light jogging/fast running in place. Jumproping, shadow boxing and doing housework also count.

Then do three to five rounds of the following circuit. Use excellent form as always:

Flat Pushup x 25 (or 10 or 15. The last couple reps should be difficult.)

*Remember: The Pushup is most effective when the feet are elevated off the floor to make them level with your head. But if you don't do this, at least be sure the hands are below the shoulders, the body is straight and the gut is sucked in.


Partial Sit-Up: x25 (or your level of difficulty.)

I like partial sit-ups because they don't put as much strain on the lower back or force you to use your neck. If you can sit all the way up using only your core, do it. Otherwise, execute a sit-up to halfway, or the point when the tension is no longer on the abdominals.

Iron Cross Jumps: x 6-8

Mark off an imaginary cross in your exercise space. You do this by extending your leg as far as you can to the front, back, left and right. This is the distance you will be jumping from the center of your cross.

1 rep = jump forward & back to center, jump backwards and back to center, jump to one side and center, jump to the other side and center.  

Repeat this until you have 8 reps (more if you're legs aren't tired after that.)

Remember to work hard and smart. Push your limits but also, know them.

Have fun!

***If you're ready for an advanced bodyweight workout that also integrates clubs, kettlebells and rings, look no further. Put together by the guru of bodyweight conditioning, Steve Maxwell, check out
The Spartacus Workout.

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