Friday, September 4, 2015

BWOD Strength, Balance and Flexibility

Bodyweight Workout of the Day, Sep. 3/4

Today's BWOD (C'mon, who doesn't love saying B-Wod?) requires a thorough warm-up and intense concentration. Qualities that are a good idea to incorporate into every bodyweight workout of the day.

Let's get started.


Joint rotations, mobility exercises, light jogging or similar for 5-10 minutes.


3-5 rounds of the following circuit, with 30-60 seconds rest between rounds:

Dips: x5-15
Pullups: (UH-underhand) x5-15
Toes to Bar (or hanging leg/knee raises) x10-20


Choose 2-3 stretches to work on and one balancing exericise for 3x1 minute each.
(Break it up into 30 seconds if necessary.)

Peter Harrison

Stretch Examples:

  • Middle splits
  • Side splits
  • Splits
  • Back Bridge

Examples of Balances:
  • Handstands
  • Standing on one leg w/hands out to sides (and eyes closed if you dare.)
  • Crow pose, etc.

That's it! Post your results in the comments below.

My results:

Dips: 5x5-6
Pullups: 4 (5?) x 3-4
Toes to bar: 3x4 (ugh. I've done better!)

Practiced handstands, middle splits, splits, back bridges and even added in some rope climbing and cartwheels. (Working out with my daughter adds some flavor like that.)

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