Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bodyweight Bodybuilding Circuit

Today's BWOD, (bodyweight workout of the day) is part of a series for bodyweight bodybuilding. Push your muscles to the limit in strict form and watch them grow and shine while the fat melts off your body!

This is a simple bodyweight circuit that can be expanded upon by adding dips, Australian body rows and other exercises, or simply increasing the reps and sets.

Set out to do the max number of sets and reps. Mentally prepare yourself for that level of output, even if you don't make it to the end.


Fartlek run: (Sprint then slow to a steady pace, 30 seconds followed by 1 minute) x 10-20 minutes

3-5 rounds of the following circuit:

Pullups: x10-15 (strict.) Or assisted pullups (resistance band assist, stool assist, etc.)
Pushups: x 10-25 (Each set vary the width of the hands, unless basic is challenging enough.)

Reverse prayer sit-ups: x 5-10. Hook feet under stable object/s. Raise hands over your head and raise your torso to 90 degrees while keeping hands overhead and in line with shoulders. Do not flex torso, keep it rigid.
Great, now flip over on your back and do sit ups in the same position. Arms in line with shoulders!

Simple right? Leave your results in the comments below.

My results:

Run: ~15 minutes, about 30 seconds fast run /1 minute jog (I had the dog and he wasn't sprinting:-)
Pullups: 1x3 on rings (weak from rope climbing yesterday.) Subbed by lowering rings and pulling from my squat. 12, 9, 8, 6
Pushups: First 3 normal width, 17, 15, 15. Wide width on fists x9
R.P. sit-ups: 10, 6, 4, …Yeah, those fall off pretty quick. The stricter you get, the harder it gets.

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