Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Home Workout for Building Leg Muscles

Today's bodyweight workout is focusing on the lower body. Of course, there is no way to leave your core out of the picture. Those muscles are involved in everything you do! This is good however, and this workout will encourange growth and endurance in the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, lower back, obliques and abdominal wall.

Start with a good warm-up, including joint rotations (click to review.)

A general warm-up of light cardio exercise can be done as well. Or you can skip it and work slowly on the first sets of your workout. That is one of the perks of doing bodyweight exercises!

This routine will be broken up into two segments. The first sets (2-5, depending on your fitness level,) you will do the exercises in isolation. Each set will use a 2 second up and 3 second down repetition cadence.

The second segment will be 2-3 rounds of 1:1 cadence for burnout repetitions, all exercises done as a circuit (one after the other no rest.)

Segment 1:

-Bodyweight Squats x 10-20 (remember, 2 sec. down, 2 sec. up each rep.)

-Skater's Lunge:  5-15 each side. (This is a side lunge-skate all the way to one side, lowering the hips to parallel, push off and 'skate' to the other side. As with squats/lunges, keep back straight, lower back arched, don't let the knee glide out over the toes.)

This movement can be done with or without the hop. The hop develops power, without it the muscle are under tension longer.
-Forward/Reverse Lunges: 5-15 each leg.  Lunge forward until the thigh is parallel to the ground, don't let your knee glide out over your toes. Now lunge backwards, that's one rep.

Segment 2:

Perform all three exercises as a circuit, using a quick 1:1 cadence. Do as many reps as possible of each exercise before switching to the next. Repeat for 1, 2 or 3 rounds depending on your fitness level.


Finish this routine with jumping jacks and/or split jumps. Then stretch for 5-10 minutes. Good luck!

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